What did i drink in Sofia?

It was 1999 or 2000. I went to Sofia for the new year holiday with my family. I was a teenager and Bulgaria was so boring for me. My parents were spending their nights at the casino of the hotel with their friends and i did not allowed to enter as i was below 18, but entering striptease bars were okay...!? Finally, i found a friend who was alone like me. I spent all my days walking around Sofia. There were shabby grocery stores that were selling yellow colored drinks. I can't remember it's exact name and taste. But i guess they were selling them in little bottles. It had a bitter taste but delicious. I want to taste it again. It could be rakia. But not sure...

Now a days, everybody speaks about Bulgarian wines. They are cheap and good. 5 Liter of fine wine can be purchased around 5 €.  And today i bought a bottle of Domaine Boyar's Cabarnet Sauvignon for 8 TL. It was the cheapest. Buying the cheapest wine from Albert Heijn in Amsterdam was a great choice... Will try and see.

And during that trip i remember that we were drinking something like cappuccino. Do you think it was possible to sell cappuccino at the counters 10 years ago in Sofia?

I'm so curious, i wanna visit Bulgaria one more time!


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