What should i eat?

Every food product that we consume includes GMO based ingredients. Now, it's allowed to grow GMO's in my country*. So, tell me about healthy food..!? I'm 25. When i was a child there were milk sellers. They walked through the street and you shouted at them to bring the milk. Those men/women get the milk from their own cow/s. Mothers boiled the milk before using. But there were also fabricated milk and people thought it was healthier. Yes, hygienic but really healthy? Besides GMO products, fabrication foods are loss of taste on it's own.

Picture that; milk sellers are shouting in the street:
"Miillllkkkk" or let me write it in Turkish "Süüüttttt, abla taze sütüm var". Did they have bells? I can't remember... Then you shouted at the milk seller (in Turkish again)"Hu huuu, sütçüüüüüü, baksanaaaa. 2 numaraya 3 kilo süt getir. Kaç para?" Helloooo, look here here, up! Bring 3 kg of milk to number 2. How much?)Then you see your neighbor " Komşuuuu, hu huuu... Börek pişirdim, çayı da demliyorum al çocukları gel.." (Hey dear, hellooo... I make some patty, i will soak the tea and waiting for you, bring the children. Come on..._something like that.)

And now picture this; you are going to a supermarket to buy a bottle of milk. Not funny." Oo, what is that? Canned beans, let's buy it too...Oo, what is that? diet crackers of that famous international brand, let's buy it too...Oo, what is that? What is that...what..." What the f*ck! Then you pay all that stuff with your credit card. Costs _ _ TL, Dollars, Euro...

Besides forgotten traditions and good relationships the economical change is effecting every families' budget. Those examples are not good enough but it is obviously seen that there are political and also economical plays on our food. Those economical and political plays is not good for us, for the next generations... I wondering, how many young women had hormonal problems? What about birth problems? A few days ago in a newspaper someone wrote that number of fertilization centers are increasing day by day. I think this is a mutation. Isn't it scary? Mutation of human being for an unknown end.

So, what should i eat?

* Turkey


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