Recipe 9: Pudding served with rose water / Su Muhallebisi

It's very easy and cheap and light i guess...
Here is the recipe:

3,5 glass of milk
3,5 glass of water
1 glass of starch

Stir all till it gets harden. When it boils it's done. Pour the pudding in a wide and slim plate. Rest in refrigerator.


Mix 1 or 1,5 glass sugar in 2 glass of water and add 1/2 glass Resim Ekleof rose water... Mix until the sugar melts...

Cut a slice of your pudding, pour the liquid and finally put on some powdered sugar...

Can be seen at: link

  • I add approximately 3 spoon of sugar to the pudding and some vanilla flavor and then you don't have to make that sugar liquid. Just pour rose water and add the sugar powder...

  • Instead of sugar powder you can add molasses. My father's choice...


  1. nice recipe. i suggest everbody to try this. it's very delicious.


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